The Company´s mission is to provide high quality oils to customers’ world wide directly from the producing countries. Our company will offer the following services to our valuable customers:

• Provide up to date information about the countries they will be purchasing their oils from: harvesting dates, quality, availability, as well as government related issues that might affect the business trades.
• Arrange contracts from the season right before the product is harvested.
• Handling customer´s investment to purchase seeds in the right time of the season.
• Controlling the products right from the source assuring quality standards and supply chain.
• We will offer Storage for seeds and oils based on the arranged amount.
• Handle the pressing with local pressing facilities.
• Handle the refining process with the highest quality refineries available in the countries of origin.
• Handling the delivery of the product to the customer’s door through a partnership with a freight forwarding company.
• Offer the possibility of purchasing in customer´s currency, and retrieving payment on the countries of delivery depending on customer’s preference.
• Provide a service of Control, due by a third party assuring company upon request by the customer.
• Provide with analysis and the needed certificates of analysis, certificates of organic and certificates of Kosher.
• Provide the customers with the possibility of purchasing inside the US, avoiding this way the tax-related costs.

We analyze all our products from the moment they are harvested, again after the first press before they are stored, and a last analysis on the moment we pull them out from our tanks for the delivery.
Founded in 2013, Bioli is born under the idea of bringing Bio products and producers closer to the conscious buyers. Bioli specializes on offering every time a wide variety of higher quality vegetable oils for ¨healthy minded¨ customers around the world.
Our professionals have spent several years researching new regions of oil producing countries like Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, and Greece. We were looking for new farmers that wanted to raise their standards of quality to meet our own high standards. After years of hard work in both ends we proudly present the freshest oils coming straight from the lands where they have being produced.
In Bioli we make sure that all our products and producers are EU and NOP certified as well as Kosher. We provide the producers and refineries with the guidance and necessary information and support to be part of a movement towards a greener world. Bioli brings you the highest quality products available on the market at a fair and competitive price.


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